7 Proven Ways to Advertise Your Business and GET Results!

Today we’re going to talk about some proven, affordable, and effective ways to advertise your business. Advertising a business, service, or product, can be complicated, frustrating, and often times, disappointing. There are many factors that a person needs to consider before jumping into any advertising or marketing IDEA! There is a reason why some individuals spend countless hours studying, researching, going to school, and gaining experience, in order to strategize, create, and implement an effective advertising campaign.In case you didn’t spend half of your life studying and practicing implementing advertising strategies, advertising techniques, online advertising, or outdoor advertising, we wanted to share with you some simple, yet extremely productive methods for getting results from your advertising.The first line we need to divide is the one that intersects between large companies, and what we can call, “not-so-large” companies.Large CompaniesIf you are in charge of a large corporation, firm, or agency, than you may want to consider infomercials. Depending on which types of products and services you offer, and of course the size of your budget, an infomercial may be the advertising stream that can take your business to the “next level.”In this kind of economy, you basically have two people. The ones who are working all the time, and watching very little television, or the ones who are working very little, and watching tons of television. Either way, most people are watching television because they are worried about the economy, and majority of news stations help feed these people’s worry by supplying massive amounts of negative news, so they continue to watch television, both in hope for a better economy, and in addiction to human despair. Either way, as a business, you can benefit tremendously if you learn to profit from television.Infomercials are beneficial if:You have a large enough budget.
Research and planning are implemented sufficiently.
You have a product to sell.
You find the right station, time, and team to create the infomercial.If you don’t have a product to sell, or infomercials are not attractive to you at this moment, another option is implementing a strong and targeted t.v. ad. Granted, infomercials ARE television ads. But instead of using an infomercial for you advertising stream, you could use Google to create a custom t.v. advertising campaign. A well produced, edited, and filmed t.v. commercial, targeted at the right audience, could cost as little as $1000, and as much as $100,000+, and in turn, it can produce as low as $25 in profit, to as much as $1,000,000+.Whichever route you decide is best for your company, you may want to consider reading below for additional options, because these guerrilla marketing tactics apply for all shapes, sizes, and colors of companies.”Not-so-large” CompaniesWhether you have a small, medium, or growing size business, these proven modern advertising methods, which consist of different advertising techniques, can work for your company, if you choose to implement them.One traditional, yet modern advertising method, is to implement printing products in an advertising campaign. Printing products such as business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, and tent cards, have all provided large, medium, and small businesses with revenues exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars this past year alone.Though every printing product has a campaign possibility, today we’re only going to talk specifically about postcard printing and postcard marketing. There are basically three sizes when it comes to postcards; small, medium, and large. Of course there’s many different specific sizes in-between, but we want to make it general for simplification purposes.Large postcardsLarge postcards, such as 6″x9″, require more up-front investment, but they tend to generate more new leads and clients due to the fact that it makes your prospects and clients encounter feelings of abundance. If you can make them feel abundance, you are one step closer to receiving their phone call.Small postcardsSmall postcards, 4″x6″ for example, are another excellent source of marketing and advertising. They offer more “real estate” than a business card, they are cheaper than a door hanger, and they are memorable in the minds of your prospects and clients.Graphic designOnce you’ve decided which size postcard is right for your company, the next step is to decide what kind of graphic design you would like to implement. You basically have two types of graphic design; template design, and custom graphic design. Somebody once showed me three business cards, from three totally different companies, that all had the exact same template design. If you don’t want to lose clients to your competition, than it is wise to always pay the extra price for custom graphic design. The short term price might be a little more than what you expected, but the long term cost will benefit you much more than any template design could ever do, plus you’ll get more clients over time who remember you just because of your designs.Direct mailNow that you have a postcard size, and postcard design, you can decide if direct mailing is right for you. The truth about direct mail is that you need a continuous monthly budget of at least $2,000-$5,000 to really market well and receive good results. Direct mailing postcards can be very profitable for your business, but without the right planning, organizing, financing, and executing, it can cause you more pain than gain.Face to face marketingThis is what we could call guerrilla marketing tactics. It is one of our modern advertising methods, and part of our creative advertising ideas. We didn’t invent this advertising method, but we are benefiting greatly from its results, and so can you. Face to face marketing, or guerrilla marketing, works so well because your prospects get to deal with real people, and those real people get a chance to represent you company and earn a new sale.Step 1. Hire a salesperson, or salespeople, to either work on commission, or be paid a decent wage of at least $10/hour.Step 2. Give them your marketing style postcards, pick a territory for them to manage, and send them out between 4-6 hours per day. If your products are best fit for residential, they can deliver between 600-1000 postcards per day, per person. If your products or services are more targeted for businesses, than they can hand out between 100-300 postcards per day, depending on the area.Step 3. Target the same area with at least three different promotions before moving on to the next area. If somebody is not home or in the office when your sales person is leaving a postcard, take a pad of sticky tabs with you and tape the postcard up on the door, or leave it inside the door crevice. You would be amazed at how many people call us months after we left a card in their door.Step 4. Do it again, in a different area.This guerrilla marketing technique is such a powerful form of outdoor advertising, that within days, weeks, and months, you will cultivate a swift stream of continuous results. The key to becoming successful using this guerrilla marketing technique is to be consistent, follow the plan, and implement the right promotional ideas.Hopefully with these creative advertising ideas you can go out tomorrow and begin seeing positive results in your business. And if you need any assistance with advertising and marketing services, please give us a call.

Why Advertise on Facebook: The Pros and Pros

I know, I know. You may think the title has typo errors being “Why Advertise on Facebook: The Pros and Pros”. But, it is correct and intentionally written that way, because there aren’t really “cons” when it comes to advertising on social networking giant Facebook. Well, there may be, but the “cons” are far too small to be consequential.Why advertise on Facebook?This is the most common question of among advertisers and even by some of those successful marketing companies who use traditional Search Engines, Google or direct mail and those small business enterprise owners. The list below will help you think about why advertising on Facebook is different and more profitable compared to the traditional ways of advertising.1. It has a great advantage especially to small businesses because they can make their business visible to the public even without spending a lot of money just like what successful companies do.2. With Facebook, the entire globe is your market.3. It has the New Facebook Insights where you can view who are those people and how many of them like your Facebook fan page.4. It is very easy to access your customers socially and professionally while talking about what your product is all about.5 You are paying less to make a big promotion for your brand or company.6. Customers can immediately get their answers out of their queries directly from the advertisers or the owner of the company.7. Advertisers who have spent a lot of money for advertisements can maximize and optimize their budget by advertising their own brand in Facebook.8. Social networks like Facebook are less costly in advertising compared to the traditional advertising.9. Facebook will give you the privilege to make your creative and innovative marketing plan or advertisement campaigns.10. Facebook is a place of mix. It allows everyone to connect or reconnect, socialize, chat, and share everything people are interested about. The word of mouth is powerful and Facebook is the new “word of mouth”.These are still a lot more other benefits, just to answer as to why advertise on Facebook. It’s a big world for opportunities and activities. In fact, Facebook connects more than just from people to people, it also connects:• People to social group of individuals
• People to organizations
• People to educations
• People to schools
• People to causes
• People to brands
• People to interest and hobbies
• People to events
• People to business companies, etc.In Facebook, you can make yourself grow and become popular together with your business enterprises. There is no need to spend a lot of money to advertise on expensive advertising company online. In fact, there are companies who have a great fame in the field of advertising but the reviews and comments are not trustworthy.All you have to do is have an enticing, informative and well updated advertisement on Facebook and be sure to take a look at the important matters to be attended especially when it comes to customers queries. Keep visible and trustworthy; however effective your products and services are, you will be put in trash if you cannot build a strong and trust worthy relationship with your clients. Remember your reason why advertise on Facebook; that’s to generate sales by attracting more customers, and because it’s where your customers at.