Advertise Smarter – How to Gain Maximum Exposure With Local Business Directories

Lately it seems like more and more companies are not advertising. There could be a number of reasons why they are not advertising. One reason could be that they want or need more advertising, but simply haven’t set aside any part of their budget for marketing. Another reason is that they will receive little or no exposure, and lose the entire investment of their marketing budget.Whatever the reason you have for not advertising your company, whatever your product or service, company size or marketing budget – forget it! You’d have to be crazy not to put any effort into advertising your company, especially when the rule of thumb of advertising dictates that every $1 spent on advertising brings in $3 of revenue. At this cost vs. benefit ratio, who wouldn’t advertise?Businesses who don’t advertise just haven’t found the way to advertise smarter. When it comes to business advertising, it seems like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. While it may seem like competitors are getting more business, better advertising and more profits for less work, this is not always the case. With local business directories, smaller companies can maximize their exposure for less money and less work.What is a business directory?In simplest terms, a business directory is a website where business owners can add their website and details about their company. This information is generally listed in categories to allow visitors to the business directory to find the products or services they need quickly and easily.Why are business directories smart advertising?Advertising via print, TV or radio is expensive, and will not always reach your target demographic. Local business directories allow you to reach targeted local online consumers looking for your specific services. With a local business directory you don’t have to break the bank to get good online exposure.How can I advertise smarter with a business directory?The first step is to find the best business directory for your company. Shop around, and compare costs, however make sure you compare apples to apples (one niche business directory could be very different from another niche). You want the largest service area and the most number of categories you can be placed in for a reasonable price (more exposure = greater return).Do your homework and Google what you think your customers will search to find the product or service your company offers. Business directories that are already listed on the first page for your target keywords should be your first choice. Make sure your choice of business directory limits the amount of members they take and also provides a source of credibility for you and your company, you don’t want to be just one out of thousands of listings.Don’t put all your eggs in one advertising basket. Pick two or three different business directories and find the ones that work best for your particular product or service. For the best outcome spread the field, and set a budget (don’t be too cheap here or your test will not yield good results).Most importantly, find a business directory that will not tie you into a long term contract. Make them put their money where their mouth is and earn your hard earned money on a month to month basis.Gain Maximum ExposureDollar for dollar, an online business directory is the best way to advertise smarter, not harder. With lower costs than traditional advertising, and more focused traffic to your company’s website, business directories truly are a wise marketing and advertising choice.